Downtown SLO’s Farmers’ Market

June 1, 2023

Attending the Farmers’ market is a popular pastime in San Luis Obispo County. Several markets occur each week, with the largest of these events located in the heart of downtown San Luis Obispo. This college town farmer’s market has over 100 vendors, a community of certified farmers, prepared food vendors, food and craft artisans, live entertainment acts, and other retailers, services, and community-based groups. The SLO Farmers’ Market occurs every Thursday from 6-9 pm, you can drive, carpool, take the bus, ride your bike, walk, or use any preferred mode of transportation, and head down to San Luis Obispo where you will find a lively crowd. Here is a setting of the scene, and an overview of last month’s market. 


People from across the state, and even out of it, visit downtown San Luis Obispo on these popular Thursday nights.











Cal Poly Influence

Cal Poly students participate in large numbers with multiple student-run clubs set up along the curbs serving as informational sources, fundraisers, or promotions for upcoming projects.


This university’s student-run radio station, KCPR, runs a booth each week. Here KCPR radio station and its staff of students fundraise for their program by selling tickets into a raffle for a chance to win two admissions into a famous music festival, Outside Lands. (Dakota Clark)
A student recycling club is present as well, stationed near the dining area to help market-goers decipher what goes in each colored “trash” bin. (Dakota Clark)














Local Artists

The market is a significant scene for local bands and advertisements for their upcoming shows as well as festivals.

Creative displays and booths are set up by Shabang in anticipation of its lesser-known sister festival; Skate Safari, which is happening on June 3rd. (Dakota Clark)
Local bands and solo artists perform as entertainment throughout the market, collecting tips along the way. (Dakota Clark)











Second-hand shopping options are available if you’re looking to expand your wardrobe. Multiple vendors are selling thrifty, upcycled, and vintage items. (Dakota Clark)












Freshly Farmed

The largest portion of the Farmers’ market is exactly what is advertised, farmers. If you’re local many of the vendors you’ll see are familiar family names; such as Y. Hayashi Farms, and Bautista Farms.

Coming down from Exeter CA, family company L&C Smith Groves sells a variety of citruses. (Dakota Clark)
Shoppers haggle for prices on bouquets of flowers. (Dakota Clark)










Live Entertainment Acts

Each week, a variety of performers provide entertainment to shoppers. To end the night people gather around to spectate a live performance. (Dakota Clark)











Each Thursday this market will bring you something different.

Changing weekly, you can check the website to find a map layout of attending vendors:



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