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  • March 29Be on the lookout for the first issue of the Eagle Times for 2021/2022 coming in November!
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  • February 17School board votes for return to in person learning following 5 consecutive days in red tier.


The Eagle Times is the student newspaper of Arroyo Grande High School.  Originally named the Altair, the name was changed in 2002 to The Eagle Times and existed as a print publication until the Covid-19 pandemic moved it online in 2020.

The main purpose of The Eagle Times is to entertain and inform the student body of AGHS and the surrounding community.  The Eagle Times seeks to provide objective, fair, and independently sourced information to inform the Arroyo Grande High School students, staff, and community about current events, student highlights, campus news, and important community events and businesses.  We seek to publish stories based on truth and accuracy, hold ourselves accountable for mistakes, and minimize harm.

All writing in The Eagle Times is copyrighted by The Eagle Times and is protected by U.S. Copywrite laws unless otherwise noted. No part of the documents contained herein may be retransmitted or reproduced without express written consent.

Content decisions are made by the Editorial Board.

Comments on the website are not published.


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