The Shocking “Truth” of 9/11


scott cacheleur

Kermit T. Frog sipping tea infront of the twin towers

Scott Cacheleur, Reporter

When I was young, I grew up watching The Muppet Show. I remember seeing the muppets on my small TV and I was in awe. I relied on the muppets to keep my hopes up, but that all changed when I watched It’s a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie

I was born just 2 years after the terrorist attacks on 9/11. So, while I may not have been around to see the tragedy for myself, I grew up around its effects on our nation and governance. That’s why I was surprised when I found out that It’s a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie showed the twin towers standing tall in the background of Miss Piggy’s apartment. This surprise quickly turned to intrigue as I took to the internet to see what the deal was. I found that people like me also question the muppet media that was placed before them.

 A brief history on It’s a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie.  It was released straight to cable on November 29th, 2002. In this movie, Kermit T. Frog is visited by an angel and tells the angel he wishes to have never been born. Kermit’s wish turns into a reality where he is shown a world without Kermit. His friends are in way worse situations than they were with Kermit in the world. For example, when Kermit visits Miss Piggy, he finds a crazed cat lady who lives next to the World Trade Center, and not the headstrong, affectionate lady she normally is.

You may be asking yourself “how are the Twin Towers standing tall when the movie was released in 2002?” The answer is that Kermit, in some way, is directly responsible for the disaster. Now, the director claims that the towers are there due to an oversight in editing, but other movies spent months editing the towers out of every shot. And in the “real world,” the towers are never shown.

The realm of this conspiracy that Kermit is responsible for the attacks is supported by facts from the Muppet Cinematic Universe or the MCU for short and the autobiography of Kermit T. Frog, Look Before You Leap. The Muppet Movie, released in 1971, retells how the muppets got together and the start of their road to stardom. The movie starts in the swamps of Florida where a Hollywood agent finds Kermit playing the banjo and tells him frogs with talent are wanted in Hollywood. However, this conflicts directly with Kermit’s autobiography, where he states he first went to New York and met the gang there. The main conflict is that Kermit is being hunted by a man named Doc Hopper, the owner of a small but growing frog-leg fast food joint. Kermit ends up triumphing over Doc Hopper, but not without encounters from armed men, a few assassination attempts, and a crazed nazi scientist. After making it to Hollywood, Kermit gains a quick following and starts climbing up the ladder of fame. 

The MCU displays multiple pieces of evidence about how the muppets are a band of criminal misfits. Fozzy Bear is working at a hole-wall bar called “El Sleezo”. He tells openly racist and sexist jokes and follows the money. Also, he steals his uncle’s car and drives it without a license. 

Ralph the Dog is also openly sexist and has a duet with Kermit about how much they hate women, but “love” women. 

Gonzo is somehow the most normal muppet, the only odd thing about him is his odd taste in partners.

Electric Mayhem, the muppets’ funky band, is weirdly religious and deals marijuana, nowadays this is perfectly legal, but mind you, this was during the ’70s. 

Lastly, Miss Piggy is a sleeper agent with inhuman strength and plans on exploiting Kermit for his wealth.

In The Muppets Take Manhattan, released in 1984. The story follows the success of Kermit and his friend’s show Manhattan Melodies and its struggle to lift off on broadway. After struggling to find anybody to put it on, the gang splits up, leaving Kermit the only frog in the big city of New York, to try and put the show on. Once he finds success, Kermit suffers a tragic incident and loses all memories of who he is. After a swift beating, he regains his memories and puts on the show of his dreams, bringing all of his friends back to the Big Apple. While this movie isn’t enough to incriminate the frog, it presents some suspicious dealings he and his friends have been a part of. We find out that Kermit doesn’t carry any form of identification and tries to date a high schooler. Animal, a drummer for Electric Mayhem, has been charged with at least two sexual assault crimes in his life.

Lastly, It’s a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie presents the aftermath of the success of Manhattan Melodies. The Muppets have purchased a theater, but are behind on payments. The angels above are keeping tabs on Kermit and plan to interfere with Kermit’s life going downhill. There is not much to discuss here, but in the timeline where Kermit was never born, the twin towers are still standing. 

We cannot simply forget Kermit’s source of stardom on Sesame Street where he played the role of a reporter with anger issues. Before being evicted from Sesame Street in late 2000-early 2001. Kermit had good ties with only one person from Sesame Street and that person is Big Bird, who shows up in the first two movies in the MCU.

Those are the facts, here is the theory: Kermit is the mastermind behind the 9/11 disaster so that he could profit off of the war on terror. If you were to think about everything The Muppets stand for it all goes back to money, As we see Kermit’s whole motivation for starting The Muppets was for money and fame. However, I don’t think The World Trade Center was the original target. I think Kermit planned to hit Sesame Street. This plan was fueled by the rage he felt when he was evicted and kicked off of the show. I believe that the plan involved all of the muppets cast and that Gonzo was flying the plane, and due to an error he missed his target, but not before jumping out of the plane. 

Now you know the truth, I hope you stop listening to government-corrupted media that is being shoved down your throat and use the information I bestow in front of you.