The pets of AGHS

Tatyana Salem, Co-Editor-in-Chief

2020 may have been a rough year, and 2021 could possibly be no exception, but our pets don’t know that. So without further ado, here are some pets in Arroyo Grande that have no idea what a pandemic is and just want some love.

“This is Budd, he’s addicted to his ball so we have monthly interventions and take him to BAA (Ball Addicts Anonymous).”  -Rylee Martin-Gomez (Rylee Martin-Gomez)
“[Willow’s] best friend is a dead dog.” -Lola Sharpe (Sunny Hawks )
“Wednesday is named after Wednesday Addams from Addams Family.” -Chloe Briley (Chloe Briley )
“Thor thinks he’s a dog” -Chloe Briley (Chloe Briley )
Fizzgig(left), Furman(right)
“Fizzgig is playful and energetic [and] Furman is silly and grumpy.” -Loralei Dawson (Loralei Dawson)
“Scout will do anything for food and is simply happy to be alive, aka he’s stupid.” -Brandi Weldon (Brandi Weldon)
“Scotty definitely has an unhealthy obsession with socks.” -Sandy Regoli (Tatyana Salem)
“[Calypso] used to be completely in love with our old rooster Red before we got rid of him.” -Abby Sommer (Abby Sommer )
“Beau is six feet tall when he stands, doesn’t know how to close his mouth, and is very dumb.” -Brandi Weldon
(Brandi Weldon )