Eagle Hall gets a facelift



Eagle Hall recently underwent upgrades to combat flooding.

Staff, Staff

Eagle Hall, the walkway on the west end of the 300 and 200 wings, recently received an update.

New walls, windows, and paint were installed and applied along the length of the hallway.  Formerly, the hallway had openings that let in rain and wind, now it is enclosed, except for the entrances from the 300 and 200 wings, the main quad, and the recently renovated mini quad areas outside of the new 300 wing buildings.

The purpose of the upgrades is familiar to all AGHS students.

“There was excessive flooding,” Vice Principal Andrea Lee said.

The new aesthetics and upgraded infrastructure should ensure that students’ shoes stay dry as they walk to class on rainy days.

Windows installed in Eagle Hall will help keep out the rain.
The hallway previously known as “Senior Hall” used to house lockers along the west wall.