AGHS Community Participates in the Blood Drive


Melih Dookie

The blood drive event taking place in the AGHS Multipurpose Room.

On Friday, October 30th, members of AGHS participated in the blood drive. The blood drive occurred through a partnership between the AGHS Friday Night Live Club and Vitalant, a non-profit organization that is the sole provider of blood along the Central Coast.

Poster advertising the club’s blood drive. (AGHS Friday Night Live Club)

Laura Kamada, the donor recruitment representative at Vitalant is thankful that AGHS has been a contributing campus. 

“We’ve done multiple blood drives at AG High School and AG High has been very supportive of us… we love coming here, we love seeing the students coming out and donating blood… we love seeing first-time donors,” Kamada said. 

“Every blood drive has a blood goal… today’s goal is 56 units of blood.” 

Kamada  went on to state that AGHS was on track to meet the goal.

As the club facilitator of Friday Night Live, Brandon Sligh plays an important role in coordinating the blood drive. In his fifth year of this role, Sligh believes that donating blood, especially as a student, is a very meaningful way to benefit the community.  

“It’s something that’s an opportunity for students to contribute uniquely,” Sligh said. 

Students, whether volunteering to coordinate the program or to donate blood, were motivated by a sense of service to the community. 

 Emme Landers volunteered to help run the blood drive for the first time this year. She believed that contributing to the blood drive, in any way, would make a big difference. 

“… if you are old enough it’s important to do it [give blood] so you can help the community,” Landers said.  

Friday Night Live and Vitalant are all appreciative to those who participated and encourage those who haven’t to do so as well. 

 Looking forward, Sligh says, “We hope to see you donating soon, please let us know at our next drive and we would be happy to sign you up.”