Twins of AGHS: Josiah and Symphony Lozano


Scarlett Telander

A drawing of fraternal boy and girl twins. The boy, like Josiah, plays volleyball. The girl, like Symphony, plays soccer.

Josiah and Symphony Lozano (‘25) are boy and girl fraternal twins, meaning they aren’t quite identical.


“Twins run on our mom’s side,” Symphony said. 


It is actually very common for fraternal twins to run on the mom’s side. These types of twins are called hereditary twins.  


Despite not being identical twins, Josiah and Symphony were encouraged to match. 


Symphony Lozano playing a competitive game of soccer. (Josiah Lozano)

Symphony Lozano likes tearing it up on the soccer field, while Josiah Lozano likes the competition of the indoor volleyball court.


Despite partaking in different sports, the twins still like to play together.


“We both love sports,” Josiah said.


The twins also like to watch shows together.


“[My favorite show that we watched together] is Tokyo,” Symphony said. 

Their personalities are more similar than their sports. Josiah thinks Symphony is smart, caring, and kind, and Symphony thinks Josiah is silly and irreplaceable. 


Like many siblings, the twins tend to bicker. 

The Lozano twins, Josiah and Symphony, hanging out together. (Josiah Lozano)


“When we’re in the car, he’s taking up most of the seats. I’m gonna tell him to move and then we begin to argue,” Symphony said. 


Despite their many differences and similarities Josiah and Symphony seem to agree on one thing.


“It’s pretty awesome being a twin,” Josiah Lozano said.