Brake-ing News: “Wheelie” good stories behind teachers’ bikes


Adilia Leiva

AGHS Campus

AGHS teachers and staff need to get from place to place, and walking across campus can take a while. Riding bikes is often the most efficient way to get around campus. Everyone has seen the teachers peacefully riding around campus or quickly passing by students.
Many teachers have bikes that have been painted or decorated for a certain reason or just for fun. Most people don’t really think about why they look that way or where the staff’s sweet rides came from. Here are a few teachers that you may have seen around campus and the stories behind their bikes.

Mrs. Bryan


Mrs. Bryan, Algebra and Data Science.

“I bought it at a garage sale and I was looking for a was from somebody’s grandma. It’s an easy way to get across campus when I have my department chair meetings.”






Mr. Traylor, Biology and AP Biology.
“I got it from a contest that my wife won, about 18 years ago.”







Mr. Talley

Mr. Talley, Chemistry, Life Science teacher
“I decorated some of it. I started [the decorating], but then during digital school, my AP Chem students were done with everything and they worked on it…It was my wife’s bike when she was in like sixth grade.”





Mr. Sue

Mr. Sue, Intro to Statistics, Data Science
“Originally I had a bike to get across [campus] but then I [found] this old electric scooter that I had for years in my house in my garage. So, I brought that to school and that’s how I would get around… This was before the scooter outbreak, before they were popular…That’s kind of how people knew me on campus because they would see me scooting around back and forth with the scooter… I bought a new scooter…and I use it not only on campus, but to get to school in the morning.”



Ms. Kranz, School Librarian
“[My bike] was here in the library… It was the librarian’s who was here before.”








Make sure to give these teachers a shout-out for their sweet rides when you see them.