Keeping Up With the Smiths

Recreation of a scene from the anime Jojos Bizarre Adventure

(@nero.mai, Twitter)

Recreation of a scene from the anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (@nero.mai, Twitter)

Dixon Smith, Sports Department Head

While I am a narcissist, and I do wish all of the cameras were pointed at me, today a different kind of Smith will be the one to shock America. 

Smith’s WILD behavior
(Unknown, various Discord servers)

Will Smith, in an effort to defend his wife’s honor after a disparaging joke was made at her expense, decided to sabotage his own honor by slapping Chris Rock in the face.

The joke in question: “Jada, love ya’, GI Jane 2? can’t wait to see it.”


GI Jane is a movie with a bald female protagonist, which Rock used to mock Jada Smith for her bald head caused by a condition called Alopecia.




With a palm so fierce, Smith surgically applied a thundering, open-hand chop directly to Chris Rock’s annoying forehead, all during the live performance and announcement of the Oscars.




(@Itssan17, Twitter)



This is the Elden Ring boss fight we have all been waiting for.

Rock, the Slappee, is praised among other celebrities and prominent members of the media for his professionalism under Smith’s meaty palm.

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The slap’s impact could be seen on Rock’s face, meaning Smith has probably been training for years as a Shaolin Monk. 


When it comes to attention from the media, Will Smith’s gotta catch it all.
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At first, the stunt seems staged and prepared, but as these furious words from Will Smith left his mouth: “Keep my wife’s name out of your F****** mouth”, it was clear that Smith’s anger was real.

A quick google search of “keep my wife’s name” will reveal that there have already been hundreds of t-shirts, coffee mugs, and other attire created making fun of the incident.

The video has been dubbed a million times, but here is one that I think is definitely worth watching.

Bully Maguire Smacks Chris Rock At The Oscars

This video contains profanity.