AGHS Post-it Note Art Competition


Pictured Virgil Andreasen holding board of AGHS Student Post-it Note art submissions Photo courtesy of Virgil Andreasen

In place of the Arroyo Grande High School talent show, which was canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions, ASB hosted a Post-it Note art competition. The competition had taken place at AGHS in the past, but this year ASB especially wanted to emphasize and promote student involvement in the arts.

Virgil Andreasen (‘22) organized this competition. As the ASB Visual Performing Arts (VPA) Commissioner he stresses the importance of taking part in school activities. 

”If you aren’t doing an activity outside of your classes, then school can be really boring and not that fun,” Andreasen said. “But if you’re doing stuff outside of your classes, like art shows, or art classes, or theater, dance band, things like that, then school becomes fun and you actually have a reason to go and you meet people that you actually want to be around.” 

The art show was divided into five categories where students could submit Post-it Note drawings of an object, character, abstraction, portrait, or landscape imagery. 



Submissions for the competition took place at lunch from April 4th-8th and the winners of the competition will be determined by an advisory student survey. Winners of each category will be announced after spring break and will receive an art kit as a prize!