Most important thing learned in school?

George Bodem, Reporter

High school provides many opportunities to advance a student’s education, but not only just learning a specific subject, students learn many life skills and lessons that stick with them throughout their life.

Shivam Panchal

“Not specifically any sort of lesson in particular, but probably the idea of learning time management,” Shivam Panchal (‘23) said. 

Sometimes the most important lessons learned do not even involve a particular class. Sometimes it’s a life skill, like time management. The importance of time management is important in school and life in general, whether it’s completing assignments on time or planning a family vacation.

“Having a little bit of tension or pressure will make you a better student,” Panchal said.

Sometimes having to turn in an assignment at a certain time gives students motivation to complete the assignment on time.  There are plenty of other important lessons to be found at school that can help with living a successful adult life.

 “I learned that government participation and voting was very important through my AP government class,” Keith Guiremand (‘23) said.

Guiremand learned how to vote through his government class. Voting is one of the most important aspects of the American government, whether it is voting for politicians, propositions, or other important laws and regulations.

“The most important thing I learned through school was learning how to overcome failures and learn from my mistakes,” John Perolio (‘23) said.

Learning to accept mistakes is key to learning that material and overcoming obstacles. This stays true both inside and outside of school and is an important lesson to learn in life.

Ethan Maniscalco

“One of the most important things I learned in school was how to talk to people and behave in class,” Ethan Maniscalo (‘23) said.

Social communication and good mannerism are something learned through school because of their social setting and appropriate behaviors required throughout school years. 

“I also learned Algebra, and that is something that will be important in my future career,” Maniscalco said.

Many students find their passion and choose a career path throughout high school, it is important to take classes seriously and discover subjects that spark joy and proficiency.

Devin Knight (‘24) says the most important thing he learned was “credit scores and how debt works.”

Learning important information for daily life after high school is necessary and not taught very often in school, such as how to pay bills, or take care of credit scores.

“The higher the score, the more you love debt,” Knight explained. 

“Another valuable thing I learned was stepping outside of your comfort zone, school definitely helped with clubs and sports,” he said. 

Being social is important to make new connections with people and practice introspectivity.

Students can become more confident with themselves by joining clubs and sports through school or other organizations.

Making connections and friends is an important part of the school experience. 

Elijah Scott

“Going into school there [were] more people than I was used to, and the teachers helped guide me throughout the years to talk to more people and make connections,” Elijah Scott (‘23) said. 

Teachers are good mentors to look up to and ask questions.

Having friends and knowing the school staff helps students feel more comfortable and at home. It can also be beneficial to receive help from teachers and peers. 

“The most important thing I learned is how to be outgoing,” Scott said. 

Being outgoing and confident is something that colleges and workplaces look for in employees, so it’s an important skill to pick up early.

Arroyo Grande High School students all come out of school with something of value, everyone has their own opinions of what’s important to them, whether it’s learning how to create a business or learning complicated subjects.