Street skating in Pismo offers variety


George Bodem, Reporter

   Going to an overcrowded skatepark can be frustrating when tons of people are using the obstacles or getting in the way. Instead, skaters go street skating which is fun because it grants skaters a bit more creative freedom. The city of Pismo Beach is small and compact making it easy to traverse between skate spots, these are a few of the most fun spots placed in order from worst to best based on how fun they are.

Richie Bozzano board sliding. (George Bodem)







This place is right outside of “Pismo Food Store” and it is a great spot to stop for a few minutes. There aren’t many cool obstacles to do tricks on but it does have lots of painted curbs. Besides that, there are some parking blocks to grind on and a little bank that drops into the parking lot.

Richie doing a front foot impossible. (George Bodem)






  Right in front of the bowling alley in downtown Pismo, there is a “pyramid” spot. It allows you to pop tricks higher and roll away easily, it’s pretty fun to skate especially tricks that are hard to land on flat ground.

Richie doing an ollie. (George Bodem)







Next to the “Vespera Resort” Hotel is a little two stair that is good for beginners to learn how to tackle stair sets. Even for more advanced skaters, it can be good practice learning how to catch complicated tricks mid-air, and this provides the perfect amount of air time. Two stairs are all around making this spot pretty low down the list but it has a very smooth run-up and landing.

Connor Moreno skating. (George Bodem)







The corn holes are directly in the middle of the plaza by the pier in Pismo Beach, skaters almost always get kicked out if they skate here for more than 20 minutes. This spot is fun to grind on and ramp off the corn holes, but the edges are a bit rough and hard to grind on. Not to mention there are a lot of people usually walking through this area.

Parking space gap. (George Bodem)







This gap is pretty big and the ground is pretty rough making it not the best spot, there also is the parking block you have to watch out for. But other than that this gap is a very good challenge and would make for a good clip.

Ride on curb. (Richie Bozzano)






This spot is very simple but entertaining, it’s a ride on the curb that is very slippery making it super easy to grind. It’s great to practice harder grinds to lock in like crooked grinds, overall it’s a very fun spot.

Bench spot. (Richie Bozzano)







These benches are located all around downtown Pismo and are smooth making tricks like noseslides easy, the only downside is that it has gaps in the bench and sometimes the board can get caught in them. These benches are very satisfying to grind making it a pretty cool street spot.

Wallride spot. (Richie Bozzano)







This spot is located by the Pismo Beach Pier Plaza, it is a great spot for doing wall rides, and the top of the ledge is also good for grinds due to its smooth surface. The downside of this spot is the sand on the ground because the road is beach access.

A two flat three-stair set. (Richie Bozzano)






This spot is a two flat three stair double set at the “Sandcastle Hotel.” This spot is pretty hard to land, its runup has a turn and the landing is on bumpy bricks, but other than that it is a cool spot.

Pismo Plaza Seats. (George Bodem)






 The Plaza next to the pier has these seats making a great spot to skate, the scenery is great and makes a good background for skate clips. The ledge is a perfect height for a somewhat high ollie up something, it is also possible to do tricks straight off the ledge or grind on the bench’s armrest. There is also a lot of flat ground to skate on with a  smooth floor making learning new tricks easier. Since it is such a packed area in Pismo the police may kick you out.

6 stair. (Richie Bozzano)






 At the “Valen Pismo Vacations” house there is a 6 stair, it’s pretty steep but not that long of a stair set. This stair set has a pretty big impact, so make sure to be confident in the tricks that are tried.

Ledge by Pismo Beach Bike Rentals. (Richie Bozzano)






 This spot is right next to the wall riding skate spot previously shown, it is a fun ledge that one could hold grinds on for a long time. It is definitely a good place to learn some grinds, especially nose slides. Skaters are at this spot all the time so it is usually waxed up to make grinds easier which can help save one’s personal wax. It is also a spot to do tricks off the ledge and ride the manual pad behind the rail.

5 stair.






 On Cabrillo Highway, there is a church with a nice five stairs staircase, not much to say but the landing is great and the run-up to the stairs is smooth making it a very good five stair.

Hotel Ledges. (George Bodem)






 Right down the sidewalk from the two stairs sits these perfect ledges, they grind pretty easily because they are painted fairly often making it a great spot. The only problem is the ledges are pretty high to grind on so it is best to only do tricks one is comfortable with. 

  Pismo Beach has overall great skate spots, whether its gaps, ledges, stair sets or hills to ride down. It all depends on what kind of skater you are and the types of spots you enjoy.