FASFA/CADAA Application Information

All 12th graders in the class of 2023, are required to complete the FASFA/CADAA by March 12th, 2023.

FASFA/CADAA Application Information

What is it?:  The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act Application (CADAA) determines a pupil’s eligibility for financial aid (free money, work-study, and/or loans) to help students pay for college or a career school. 

Why is it mandatory?:  California Education Code (CEC) 51225.7 requires a local educational agency to confirm each 12th grader’s completion and submission of a FAFSA or CADAA unless the student is determined to be exempt, or an opt-out form is completed by a student who is a legally emancipated minor, a student who is 18 years or older, a legal guardian, or parent, or a local educational agency on a student’s behalf.  Click HERE for further information.

Filling out the FASFA or CADAA: The FASFA or CADAA takes about 30 minutes or more to complete. You will most likely need your parent(s) to complete a portion or provide information. 

The application is found HERE.  If you need assistance to complete the application, you can attend any of the “Cash for College” in-person workshops offered at AGHS or at any school near you, click HERE for dates, locations, and times.  

How can I opt out?: Click HERE and complete the opt-out form which permits a student to opt-out from completing the FAFSA or CADAA form.

Things to remember before opting out:

  • It is mandatory to submit a FAFSA/CADAA application in order to access the Cuesta Promise (free 2 years) for students planning to attend Cuesta in the Fall of 2023.
  • Submitting a Financial Aid Application Opt-Out Form does not prohibit a student from completing and submitting a financial aid application at any time in the future.
  • The FAFSA and the CADAA applications are free. You should never pay anyone to complete the FAFSA/CADAA application.

Items to have when completing the FAFSA/CADAA:

  • Driver’s license (Optional)
  • Parent(s)/adoptive parent(s) date of birth
  • Parent(s)/adoptive parent(s) marital status
  • Both student and parent(s)/adoptive parent(s) Social Security Number (do not use an ITIN # for FAFSA application).  NOTE:  Alternative application is available for students who do not have an SSN.
  • Permanent Resident number (Green Card), if applicable
  • Student and parent(s)/adoptive parent(s) 2021 W-2 forms
  • Student and parent(s)/adoptive parent(s) 2021 income tax return (if filed)