Day in the Life of AG

Arroyo Grande High School is home to 1,900 students. Each individual student’s ordinary day collectively creates something extraordinary to see. Take a look below at a day in the life of AGHS.

Busy kids sit and pause, a snapshot of the tranquil environment of the 900’s building before the school day begins.



Taylor Dungan left (23) is locked and diligently focusing on her Environmental Science assignment.
Riley Osborne, left (23) and Ali Lewis, right (23) work on their sketches for Mr. Hoover’s drawing class.
Tyson Schmidt (23) carefully crafts his project for his Ceramics class.
Noah Wright left (24) and Sawyer Lassiter (24) repair irrigation lines in their Horticulture class.
Mid movement, the chaotic scramble of kids making the 8-minute dash between classes.
Ethan Selstrom left (24) and Grace Willkomm right (23) build a bench in the Intro to AG mechanics class.
Coach Hartman observes his 4th-period Performance PE class stretching.
Film Production class Barret Benjamin left (24), Mason Clark center (24), and Mr. Talley right, filming a portion of the weekly bulletin video to advertise the LTA Easter Egg hunt on 4/7.
Ranger Gervasi left (23), Garrett Lehman center (23), and Neil Carrido (23) prepare baked goods in their culinary class.
Clockwise from the left Jacob Cameron (23) Richie Bozzano (23) Jake Anderson(23) and Keith Gurimend (23) sit and enjoy our school lunch