New device on campus allows for accessible weather tracking


Grace LeVeque

The weather station, located in the Agriculture Departments garden.

Over the last year, those of us in California have experienced our fair share of unique weather. From numerous “Bomb Cyclones” and other strong storms to record-breaking heatwaves, California’s weather can only be described as unpredictable. Because of this, a new weather station has been put up on Arroyo Grande High School’s Campus.

“The weather station is a small device that we put up in the agriculture department garden…” said Jason Gray (‘23). “It makes statistics about the weather based off all the different things that it tracks, including wind speed, precipitation, wind direction, pressure- things like that.”

“We’ve used it a little bit in different weather lessons and things like that in my Horticulture class, and I’m sure other [Agriculture] classes will start using it too; it’s very current,” Gray continued.

The statistics produced by the weather station are available to the public and can be found and accessed with an app.

“[The app] is called The Weather Station App, or “Weatherlink” rather,” said Gray. “If you go on it and search up ‘AGHS Horticulture,’ it’s one of the stations we have around; there’s a lot of different stations located in all kinds of different spots around the world so you can see the weather, how it is currently, in different places.”

If you’d like to check out the current weather at AGHS, follow this link.

Though a little expensive, the purchase has proven beneficial for properly maintaining the campus’s vegetable and flower gardens. With it, the students can monitor and know things they would have otherwise needed to guess.

“We decided to put one here so that we could track the weather for the gardening and plants we have out here; we like to make sure that we’re aware of how much it’s rained and how much it’s going to rain, so we can make sure that we [take care of] our plants correctly- prepare for different types of weather,” said Gray.

Additionally, the weather station has allowed students to be more hands-on and engaged, on and off campus.

“The students are really excited about it,” said Mrs. Wadsworth, a teacher at AGHS. “They check the app on their phones before they come to school, they tell me. That’s kind of neat that they’re taking the time to check something we have here on campus.”

With reports of more funky weather in the next coming months, now is as good a time as any to utilize weather tracking and monitoring. If you’re curious about the weather on campus or elsewhere, check out the app!