What’s on the Walls?

Most students can agree that working in a classroom with bare walls can make the class even more unbearable. Some classrooms feel like an overflow of a teacher’s garage. Others feel like if you looked around the room for long enough you could probably find the answer to a test question on an educational poster.

Sue’s trophy wall.
The infamous “Would you date someone with herpes?” poster.

 Sue’s trophy wall is an example of the overflow of a teacher’s garage. From bowling leagues to adult basketball leagues, he has trophies from it all. Aside from his trophy shelf, his wall is also home to many student projects including our personal favorite “Would you date someone with herpes?” poster.

This QR code will take you straight to Hoffman’s social media.
Some of the student artwork Mr. Hoffman has been given over the years.
Artwork given to Mr. Hoffman from Link Crew students.

Mr. Hoffman has a QR code to his social media in hopes of someday becoming an influencer. Feel free to scan it one can never have too many views. Limited decorations grace the walls of the 900s classrooms with many teachers moving into the new building.

Mr. Hurtado’s dot painting.

The Four Dot Health poster is nothing but confirming that while many adults will tell you this is only four years of your life, there are some that understand how monumental and difficult these years can be and they actually care to make it a positive experience.

The terrifying eagle heads of years passed grace the top of these storage cabinets.
Leadership and Blue Zoo shirts from Mrs. Hurtado’s time here at AGHS.

 Mrs. Hurtado’s room showcases the Blue Zoo and Leadership t-shirts from her time here at AGHS. She also has many eagle mascot heads from the past, I’d say the current eagle is a much-needed improvement.

This Mike Wazowski Pumpkin is shockingly still around.
What some may see as clutter and chaos is a display of cards and photos, is really a display of how much students appreciate Ms. Conrad and adds to the positive energy in the classroom.
This wall is covered with the names of AGHS AVID graduates and the Four-year universities to which they were accepted.

Being one of the teachers who believe students thrive in a creative environment she fills her class walls with positive energy. Lists of AVID Graduates who were accepted to four-year universities for each graduating class, a wall overflowing with pictures and cards, and a pumpkin from October painted like Mike Wazowski, still holding on after about five months. 


A project students completed about the Corona Virus.

Having only moved into the classroom this year Mr. Traylor has limited decorations. But he did take the time to put up the someday historical Corona Virus poster. 

The periodic table of Doc Burnstien’s
These Dominos cups add a nice pop of color to the drying rack.
One of many dead animals inherited from whatever teacher had this room prior to Boos.
Another animal was inherited by the previous teacher in the classroom. Equally as creepy.

With Doc Burnstein’s closed down Doc Burnstein’s Periodic Tabel of Elements poster is now a collector item, the Dominos Pizza cups just add to the theme. The dead animals inherited from the past teacher in the room, haunt the walls and terrify many students. 

A couple of the face swaps that students chose to play with.
An anti-vaping sticker made by one of Clarke’s students.

Previous students’ class projects decorate the walls, showing AGHS students’ creativity and the importance of the Arts departments, and keeping it going. 

Taking a look into everyone’s brains’, Ms. G’s walls are filled with students’ creative projects. Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, along with Mike Waoski, and Rapunzel, so if you’re wondering what the inside of a Disney character’s brain looks like, chances are you can find out in Ms. G’s room.