What’s in Student Trunks?

Organization is an important skill needed by a high school student, and at AGHS, driving is as well. I guess you could say we are helping Officer Hogan keep busy- by constantly giving him reasons to pull us over. Yes, speeding laws apply during school hours, and maybe going to Pismo and back during the 30 minutes of lunch is not the best idea… Not saying that I am any better of a driver than the rest of us. I drive a Toyota Camry from the year 2000 that has more dents than miles on the odometer. It is also my mom’s, I do not own a car. But here is a look inside the trunks of some students that do.

Trunks can be multipurpose; a sports shed and an armoire. (Dakota Clark)
Remnants from a night to remember; this year’s masquerade-inspired prom. (Dakota Clark)
Some sort of unidentifiable lawn equipment… might be a mower. A spare tire. And my personal favorite; water balloons. (Dakota Clark)
Is anyone up for some rollerblading, and possibly a nap after? (Dakota Clark)
Nothing exciting in here… (Dakota Clark)
Lots of stuff in here; with these wheels and supplies you could go almost anywhere. (Dakota Clark)
This Jeep has character; the character of someone living in their car. (Dakota Clark)
This truck bed seems to be owned by an athlete, but be careful not to cut this guy off; his bat might be multipurpose. (Dakota Clark)