Music beat : Michael Burke and Jacob Miller

Music is an important aspect of many teenagers’ lives, yet not all have the patience or passion to create it themselves. Michael Burke (‘23) and Jacob Miller (‘23), have created only one song as of now but plan on possibly writing more in the future. 

“We made a couple of [songs] but… that was the only one that we officially worked on for a specific amount of time,” said Burke.

The two only started making music a few months ago.

 “People who know how to play music are kind of hard to come by,” Burke said.

The only audible instruments on the track are the bass and guitar, with the drum track being separate from the rest of the song. 

“I didn’t put a drum track over it, but I did record a separate one for it. It wasn’t on the drums, it was just a singular snare I was playing it on,” Burke said.

The pair don’t have any plans on releasing their song anywhere yet. Releasing music can be a time-consuming and often expensive process, and even then some music doesn’t end up getting published. 

“If we decide to go forward with it… then we’ll maybe release it on the internet in some form,” Burke said.