Greek Week 2023: Day 4


Layla Wallace

Students gather in the gym to watch the T.E.A.M. event.

Thursday, May 25 was the T.E.A.M. event. The sophomores won the first three rounds while the juniors won the final round.

All classes focus on teamwork during the sleeping bag relay. (Layla Wallace)

The sophomores won spirit followed by the juniors, seniors, and finally the freshmen.

Joshua Brock (’23) cheers on fellow senior, Jaja (’23) during the round of “munchies.” (Layla Wallace)


The seniors won recycling wars.


Current Greek Week Points:

Seniors (Poseidon): 2153

Juniors (Aphrodite): 1940

Sophomores (Apollo): 2163

Freshmen (Ares): 2175