Greek Week 2023: Day 5

Seniors race the winning boat. (Olivia McDonald)


Friday, May 26 was the final day of Greek Week. The Boat Regatta Event was the biggest of the week with 27 boats participating. The winner of the class boat race was the seniors who finalized their standing for first place. The junior’s boat failed to make it through the class race, resulting in them receiving zero points from the boat regatta race.

Junior boys sink during an open-division race. (Olivia McDonald)

The juniors won spirit followed by the seniors, sophomores, and finally the freshmen.


The seniors won the recycling wars while the juniors won the penny wars.


Final Greek Week Points:

Seniors (Poseidon): 3228

Juniors (Aphrodite): 2640

Sophomores (Apollo): 2713

Freshmen (Ares): 2900