AGHS’s 2nd Annual Art Walk

On June 31st the AGHS AP Studio Art, Ceramics, Drawing, and Painting classes hosted an “Art Walk Student Showcase” to celebrate student’s creativity and passion. AGHS’s art teachers Jenna Draine, Julissa Andrade, and Ryan Hoover were responsible for hosting and setting up the art show.

The Art Walk was held on 900’s side of campus in the Board Room. Directions leading toward the Art Walk were set up in various art styles including an interesting graffiti board.  

Upon entering the Art Walk student’s artworks took up the entirety of the AGHS Board Room. The Advanced Placement AP Studio Art class held displays of student portfolios which are sent to the College Board in May as their AP Test.

The Ceramics class had various displays throughout the room of students’ creations. These artworks ranged from ceramic recreations of foods and animals to household objects.

The Drawing class had many displays throughout the room showing artworks from different units where students learned about and practiced various art styles.

The Painting class had various displays of different painting styles including Batik-style artwork and student’s innovative creations using unusual surfaces.

The AGHS’s 2nd Art Walk was a fun way for students to display their hard work over the past year in AP Studio Art, Ceramics, Drawing, and Painting. It allowed students to express their creativity and helped expose other students to the work of the AGHS art department. We look forward to next year’s show!