AGHS Diversity Equity Inclusion Committee Begins 22/23 Meetings



Students during passing period, an area that was brought up during the 1st meeting

Melih Dookie, Reporter

The AGHS Inclusion Equity Committee (IEC) had their first meeting on November 18th. This group, composed of administrators, counselors, teachers and parents, seeks to create an inclusive environment at Arroyo Grande High School. 

This year, counselor Alyssa LaBrado will be the lead facilitator of the committee.

According to LaBrado, “diversity, equity, and inclusion has always been for me a really important issue, ever since I was in school,” LaBrado said.  

The main product of the work from the IEC committee last year was the Eagle Expect (Courtesy: Michael Callaghan )

She added that her experiences teaching at Judkins and being a counselor have furthered her dedication to improve school climate. 

Biology teacher Clifford Traylor is a returning member of the IEC as well. According to Traylor, his motivation to serve on the committee is “[to help] the students who have been singled out on campus.”

He added that he has been inspired by students speaking up for change, causing him to do so as well. 

Science teacher Nichole De Vecchio is serving on the Inclusion Equity Committee with the intention of ensuring that every student feels welcome. 

“I think it’s important for our school climate for everyone to feel included,” De Vecchio said. She added that it is important to try to reach “all students and [help] all students feel included on campus.”

Last year, the IEC was responsible for the development of the Eagle Expectations matrix. Additionally, teachers on the committee took great pride in the training opportunities that the committee provided to staff.

This year, the committee hopes to build upon the work that they started last year. 

A major focus this year of the IEC will be to implement actions throughout the year to make AGHS a better campus for all. (Courtesy of Alyssa LaBrado)

“Our biggest goal for this year is to get students on the committee, get more parents on the committee and really make Eagle Expectations a fundamental part of campus… how you do that is the big question,” LaBrado said. 

The committee hopes to meet every other Thursday to continue their work of making AGHS a safe and welcoming school for all students.