Aurelia Vazquez (‘26)

  1. In your opinion, what are some things that need to be more understood by parents raising our generation?
    1. That if kids are going through something, don’t just, ignore them and say, “Oh, you’re fine.” You need to understand what your child is going through, and just be more understanding and open. [So try to] have your kids open up more.
  2. In your opinion, generally, do you think parents now are too harsh on their children?
    1. I’d say it’s an in-between sometimes but it’s always different with how you’ve been raised in your family. I’d say mostly, [parents] coddle their children. It depends on the family. And I feel like [the] first child, they’d probably be coddled a little more because it’s their first, and then as children go on, it just like changes because [the parents] know what they’re supposed to do.
  3. How do you think modern technology affects our generation positively and negatively?
    1. Social media has a major impact on students because it’s just what we’ve grown up with, and it’s just not going so well, considering how much we take it in. And it just influences us and it hasen’t been a good influence on students. So social media mainly is like the most differentiable thing from us in the past.