Eleni Come (‘26)

  1. In your opinion, what are some things that need to be more understood by parents raising our generation?
    1. [They should understand] that we’re trying all the time, and know why we’re on our phones. Also, sometimes we just want to be left alone too, if that makes sense. 
  2. In your opinion, generally, do you think parents now are too harsh on their children?
    1.  I don’t know. I think that, in ways they are [harsh], and in ways, they’re not harsh enough. I don’t know. In different aspects, yes. I think that parents are pretty harsh. And they should know that we’re trying most of the time. But then in other ways, I think that kids are doing a lot of things that they shouldn’t and parents should be a little bit harsher in trying to get us not to do bad things. 
  3. How do you think modern technology affects our generation positively and negatively?
    1. [I] think it’s negatively impacting because social media is not good. Everybody’s addicted to it. But positive ways [are how] my best friend moved to Tennessee and I still talk to her because of technology.