Elliot Cookson (‘24)

  1. In your opinion, what are some things that need to be more understood by parents raising our generation?
    1. I’d say the parents need to understand why their kids are doing what they do in [this] world. So, parents [should ask] why is my kid doing bad things? I think parents should be more than more involved in that [way]. To talk to them and make sure that in a lot of cases, they should be monitoring their kids stuff. [Because even though] I think it’s weird, it’s probably really good. Even if some don’t like it. So just more communication, overall.
  2. In your opinion, generally, do you think parents now are too harsh on their children?
    1. It depends on the parents entirely.
  3. How do you think modern technology affects our generation positively and negatively?
    1. Well, positively, we have a lot of information at our disposal to learn, you can learn a lot of new things pretty easily now, compared to when, like eighty years ago, when there was no internet or 40 years ago, there was hardly [any] internet. So that’s a good thing. Entertainment and stuff are also good. But the negative thing is, there’s a lot of cyberbullying. And there are bad parts of the internet. Having information easily accessible is a great thing for some things, but then for other things is not good at all. And so, [there’s] also communication being good for some things, but then when it’s used for bad it’s also not.