Oliver Kessler (‘25)

  1. In your opinion, what are some things that need to be more understood by parents raising our generation?
    1. Definitely, the LGBTQ+ community as a whole, because I know there are a lot of parents that are not very supportive or accepting. I mean, I have a friend… [their] parents are kicking them out as soon as they’re 18. So I just think they should be more understanding of that. I think they should stay informed instead of oblivious and should [research] things. And also not choose to ignore their child’s feelings.
  2. In your opinion, generally, do you think parents now are too harsh on their children?
    1. In a lot of ways, I know from my parents for example. They always talk about how I have so much freedom and the only freedom I really have is when I’m biking to school or when I’m with other people, as long as I asked them. I mean I can’t even go on my phone to search up a website without [my phone] sending them an email asking them if I can go into the website and stuff. They also care way too much about grades. [I think] your mental health could be dying, and they’ll [say] “Oh, well, just do your get your grades up” or they’ll get really mad and it just bothers me. It’s like it’s my life. But I do get where they’re coming from.
  3. How do you think modern technology affects our generation positively and negatively?
    1. Well, positively it [gives] us more information, and also we don’t have to use a dictionary or a book constantly to look up things. There’s definitely a lot of negative though; online bullying. There are a lot of really dark sites you can get exposed to via anything really. Whether it be clicking on a link for an ad on YouTube, and then clicking on another link and getting into loops and stuff like that, it also has affected our attention span negatively.