Eagle Expectation Cards


Grace Le

The card given to outstanding students.

Starting this year at Arroyo Grande High School, staff introduced a new system of standards. Staff expects students to follow the “Eagle Expectations.”  Respectfulness, integrity, diversity, equity, and responsibility comprise the expectations. Clear examples provide students with when and how to embody the expectations. For example, not vaping in the bathroom shows respect for your peers.

But now, teachers are giving out rewards to lucky students whose exemplary actions have been noticed by them. When given an Eagle Expectation Card, they can take them to Room #205 in exchange for a candy bar.

Grant Fordyce (‘25) is a student who was awarded a card in his PE class.

“I got it in PE. It was based on my integrity,” Fordyce said. “[My teacher] said it was the ability to ‘control myself,’ maintain a work ethic and not have someone tell me what to do.”

Another student, Addison Stafford (‘24), was recognized for following the Eagle Expectations. “I helped my teacher pass back a bunch of graded work,” Stafford said. “I [won] some candy.”

The Eagle Expectation Awards provide a good incentive for students who want to be good role models for their peers and fellow students around campus.