The Art of Appreciating Peanut Butter


Adilia Leiva

Peanut Butter Appreciation club members showing off their love of peanut butter.

The Peanut Butter Appreciation Club created by Molly Adams (‘25) does much more than people may think.

“I chose to create this club because …. I thought it was a fun idea. I heard in years past there had been a peanut butter club,” Adams said.

Vice President, Capri Carrington (‘25) played an important role in founding the club.

“ …We were sitting at lunch and then we had a crazy, random idea for a peanut butter appreciation club…we went through with it and then afterward we thought, ‘Oh, this is probably actually a good idea.’…it’s been really fun so far,” Carrington said.

The PBA club during a meeting. (Adilia Leiva)

The club has about 15-20 members and meets Tuesdays in room 507, where they discuss important topics while at the same time having fun and being with friends.

“ [We] do different peanut butter-themed activities” Razi Shankland (‘25), a club member said. He joined since his friends are all in the club, and created it.

“….there’s a variety of things…obviously, peanut butter…we discuss school things are going on with all the clubs that we need to work with, as well as ways we could possibly help the community” Adams added.

As mentioned, the PBA club hopes to help the community by fundraising to give money to Team Seas,
an organization that for every dollar raised a pound of trash is removed from the ocean. They will soon release information on how to donate so that they can send the money altogether.

And even though people may just think its a socializing club it has much more heart than it seems.

Adams said, “We are hoping to expand, like community health… but mainly it’s just appreciating [peanut butter].”